Ilona Breģe


  • Genre: Vocal symphonic music
  • Instrumentation: for soprano, tenor, mixed choir and symphonic band
  • Year of composition: 2010
  • Length: 01:12:00
  • Additional information: Score held by the composer.
  • Firstly executed at year: 2010
  • Info: Parts:
    I Requiem aeternam;
    II Dies irae (incl. Liber scriptus, Recordare, Lacrimosa);
    III Domine Jesu Christe;
    IV Sanctus & Benedictus;
    V Libera me;
    VI Agnus dei;
    VII Lux aeterna.
    Performers: Sonora Vaice (soprano), Ingus Petersons (tenor), State Academic Choir "Latvija", Riga Chamber Choir "Ave Sol", Riga Professional Symphonic Band, conductor Andris Poga.
    "Requiem aeternam" and "Dies irae" - world premiere on 10th of April 2009 in Riga, St. John Church. Completed REQUIEM world premiere on 25th of March 2010 in Riga, Dome Cathedral.
  • Language: Latin
  • Audio file: Requiem, Part I Requiem aeternam

    Requiem for soprano, tenor, mixed choir and symphonic band Excerpt from the 1st part Requiem aeternam - 3'46" (total - 68'23") Sonora Vaice (soprano), Ingus Pētersons (tenor), State Choir Latvija, Riga Chamber Choir Ave Sol, Wind Or

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