Ilona Breģe

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2008 -  Producer of music recording "Windstream", publ. by RIGA Professional Symphonic Band, PPOR-002

2005 - Producer of music recordings "Latvian Symphonic Music. XXI century", publ. by Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, LNSO-001, LNSO-003.

2003 - 2004 - Manager of the 2nd International Composer's Competition "Sinfonia Baltica"

1998 -2000 - Initiator & Manager of the 1st International Composers Competition "Sinfonia Baltica"

1996 - Producer of the 2nd Festival "Musse-Fest"

1992 - Producer of the Festival "Musse-Fest" (dedicated to the 210th anniversary of Riga City Theatre)

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